Motor Claim Process

Hint of Claim:

Usually the primary step where you educate your protections intermediary company approximately the accident or occurrence that requires a claim, as before long as conceivable . You'll as a rule do this through different channels, such as a toll free helpline, the insurer s site , versatile app, or by going by their closest department office. You'll ought to give the taking after data

  • Policy copy
  • Date, time, and area of the occurrence
  • A brief portrayal of what happened
  • Contact details of the involved parties and witnesses, if any

Claim Enrollment:

After you have got insinuated the claim, the protections company will enlist your claim. They will allot a claim reference number, which you ought to keep for future reference.

Claim Inspection Survey:

After you have got hinted the claim, the protections company will enlist your claim. They will relegate a claim reference number, which you ought to keep for future reference.

Claim Documentation:

You'll be required to yield certain records to bolster your claim. These archives can incorporate

  • Appropriately filled marked claim shape Clear claim shape connected
  • Driving Permit of the individual driving the vehicle at the time of Contact focuses of intrigued of the included parties and witnesses, within the occasion that anyloss and Enrollment Certificate in unique for confirmation and return
  • Verified duplicate of Police Report FIR, in the event that pertinent
  • Wellness certificate of vehicle For commercial vehicle as it were
  • Allow of vehicle For commercial vehicle as it were
  • Stack Points of interest of vehicle at the time of misfortune For commercial vehicle as it were
  • GST, Skillet , MOA and AOA or joining certificate on the off chance that the claim sum surpassing 1 lakh for Substance
  • CKYC frame , Aadhaar, Skillet in the event that claim sum surpassing 1 lakh
  • Insurance policy copy
  • Any Photographic evidance of occurrence

Claim Assessment:

The protections company will assess your claim based on the surveyor s report, your claim archives , and the terms and conditions of your arrangement . They will decide the scope , deductible, and any pertinent deterioration .

Claim Endorsement:

Once the claim is assessed and affirmed , the protections company will communicate their choice to you. In case the claim is endorsed , they will indicate the sum you're qualified to get .

Repair Replacement:

On the off chance that your vehicle requires repairs or substitution of harmed parts, you'll be able select to urge the work done at a arrange carport or workshop preferred by the back up plans or at a carport of your choice. Within the case of cashless claims, the insurer will straightforwardly settle the charge with the garage. For repayment claims, you'll got to pay for the repairs forthright and after that yield the bills to the safety net providers for repayment


Once the repair work is completed and all necessary documentation is submitted, the insurance company will settle the claim amount. This can be done through various methods, including bank transfer or a physical cheque.

Claim Closure:

After the settlement, the claim is considered closed, and the method is complete. You'll have to be sign a few documents to recognize the settlement. It's basic to preserve open communication together with your protections company all through the method and guarantee merely give all the desired reports and data expeditiously to assist the claim settlement. Keep duplicates of all archives related to your claim for your records. Moreover , the particular steps and methods may shift somewhat depending on your protections company and the sort of engine protections approach you've got .