Motor Insurance

This approach is solely planned for transport vehicles, cars, and omnibuses with an unladen weight not surpassing 7,500 kgs...

Scope of Cover :

Broadly there are two sorts of safeguard approaches that offer engine protections cover

  • Obligation As it were Arrangement Statutory prerequisite .
  • Bundle Approach Risk As it were Arrangement Harm to owner s Vehicle more often than not called O.D Cover.

Keep in mind that on the off chance that you take as it were a Obligation As it were Approach , harm to your vehicle will not be secured ...

Possess Harm Cover OD:

The arrangement covers a run of dangers , counting but not restricted to

  • Fire, Blast , Lightning.
  • Burglary and Burglary .
  • Revolt and Strike.
  • Storm , Typhoon , Storm, Whirlwind .
  • Malicious acts.
  • Earthquake.
  • Flood.
  • Terrorist activity.
  • Landslide/Rockslide.
  • Coincidental harm amid travel by rail road, inland water, lift, or discuss .

Note : Electrical Electronic Fittings that are not factory installed require isolated scope ...

Third Party Misfortunes

Third party car protections gives a security net against lawful duties stemming from your car s engagement in an mishap ...

  • The third party or liability only protections approach covers up to Rs. 7.5 lakhs for any harm caused to property having a place to others by the insured s vehicle.
  • For cases of real harm or passing to a third party, the stipend sum is decided through a lawful handle .

Individual Mischance Cover for Owner Driver:

This cover is to be taken mandatorily by all person vehicle proprietors ...

  • In case of Lasting add up to Inability , the proprietor of the 2 wheeler is secured for
    • Misfortune of 2 appendages or 2 eyes or 1Limb or 1 eye 100 add up to entirety guaranteed .
    • Misfortune of locate of 1 eye or 1 Appendage 50 add up to entirety guaranteed.

Entirety Guarantor or Guarantor Pronounced Esteem IDV:

IDV is calculated as the manufacturer s recorded offering cost short devaluation , barring enrollment and protections costs...

Premium and No Claim Bonus (NCB):

Premium calculation depends on components such as vehicle age, make, demonstrate , IDV, and area ...

Note :Guarantees offer Possess Harm Premium rebates based on Caused Claims proportions , shifting over safeguards and vehicle sorts .

Add-On Covers :

  • Bumper to bumper or nil devaluation cover.
  • Return to Receipt cover.
  • Motor secure .
  • Consumables cover.
  • Key substitution cover.
  • Misfortune of Individual Possessions cover.
  • Car Tire Ensure .


The arrangement avoids significant misfortune , deterioration , wear tear, mechanical electrical breakdown, harm to tires unless went with by vehicle harm , or any misfortune whereas the driver is inebriated .

Engine Protections Necessities