Group Safe Guarding Policy

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

This policy offers financial protection to a collective of individuals against accidental injuries, disabilities, or death. It is frequently extended to employees by their employers or members of social and professional organizations.


Accidental Death : 100 per cent of the sum insured.

Permanent Social Disability : A full payment of the sum insured, equivalent to 100%, is provided for permanent total disablement, which includes the loss of two limbs, two eyes, or one limb and one eye. In the case of the loss of one limb or one eye, a partial payment of 50% of the sum insured is offered.

Permanent Partial Disability : A designated percentage of the sum insured will be disbursed in the event of permanent partial disability.

Temporary Total Partial Disability : In the case of total disability, one percent of the capital sum insured will be paid per week, with a weekly limit not exceeding Rs. 5,000, for a maximum period of 100 weeks.


  • Comprehensive coverage encompassing death, permanent, and temporary disability.
  • Transportation of deceased remains provided as an additional coverage.
  • An extension is available for medical expenses.
  • Worldwide cover.
  • Choice for coverage both off-duty and on-duty..

More Features

Carriage of Mortal Remains : In case of accidental death, a flat sum equal to two percent of the insured capital will be provided for transportation, capped at a maximum of Rs. 2,500.

Medical Expenses Extension : The coverage can be expanded to include medical expenses by paying an additional premium.

Off-Duty and On-Duty cover : For a reduced premium, the employer has the option to select either an on-duty or, alternatively, an off-duty cover.

Not Covered

  • Compensation under multiple clauses for the identical period of disability.
  • Any claim surpassing the insured capital sum within the same insurance period.
  • Compensation payout for death or disablement resulting from:
  • Suicide, attempted suicide, etc.
  • Pregnancy and/or childbirth.
  • War and nuclear perils.
  • Ionizing radiation or radioactivity.

Age Limit

This policy can be availed by individuals between five to 70 years of age.